About Flyser Medical

FLYSER MEDICAL is used for:

  • Muscle training of the upper shoulder girdle and back
  • Scoliosis treatment
  • For violations of posture
  • In rehabilitation after injuries and operations
  • In violation of coordination
  • In the complex of general physical development


During the using the device FLYSER MEDICAL is achieved:

  • Dosed load
  • Ability to emphasize the load on individual muscles and muscle bundles
  • Adjustment of the degree of load (complications) in the game form
  • Monitoring progress and data archiving
  • The ability to use all the necessary training schemes: speaker dynamics, super sets, partial repetitions, etc.


FLYSER MEDICAL applies for:

  • In children and adults: there are adult and children’s size models with many additional adjustments.
  • In patients with reduced volitional qualities and motivation, the increase in load and intensity occurs imperceptibly, in a playful way. That allows you to get higher rates.
  • In order to conduct both intensive training and a light workout, depending on the goals.